Corporate Volunteering

Increasingly, corporations and employees are looking to get involved in the communities where they live and work. Studies have shown corporations that are involved in the community tend to retain employees at a dramatically higher rate.

In addition, when members of the same organization volunteer together, the unit as a whole, in terms of leadership, productivity and morale, improves dramatically. By partnering with Hands On Chengdu, your business can give something back to the community.

As part of the Hands On Chengdu  Strategy to fulfill the needs of the community it serves, Hands On would like to work with corporations in arranging days of volunteering. Whether it is your top management, your accounting department, or your entire Chengdu  organization, Hands On Chengdu can arrange projects for your volunteers.

By partnering with Hands On Chengdu, your business can give something back to the community with organizations that are reputable to design programs that are scalable.  It is a commitment that we have worked with numerous firms - Chinese and foreign - Large and small,  and typically begins with a process of understanding the interests and capacity of the firm itself, and then building a program that engage employee volunteers over the long term to the benefit of the partner.

To learn more about our Corpworks! programming, please at volunteer (at)

HandsOn Asia 2008 Asia Conference

With affiliates in chengdu, Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, India, Singapore, and more on the way, we are happy to announce that from March 30 to Aprils 1 members of the Hands On China team will host the first Hands On Asia regional conference in Moganshan.

Sponsored by Naked Retreats, during this three day conference, participants will discuss regional issues and programming, engaging and training responsible volunteers, and introducing the Asia platform to our corporate partners.

We would like to thank Naked Retreats for opening their facilities up to us for this event, Ginger Cafe for their amazing quiches, and Cuvee for their wine.

If you would like to download our presentations from the event, please go to the Corporate Retreat Summary page

If you would like to learn more about any of the Asia Affiliates, please contact Rich Brubaker (rbrubaker (at)