About Us

Hands On Chengdu's primary objective is to identify the needs of local NGOs and organize flexible volunteer programs for busy professionals.

To connect volunteers with local community-based organizations, Hands On Chengdu engages in three main activities:
1) Coordinating volunteer opportunities for active professionals, according to their availability and personal interests
2) Supporting local community organizations with direct donations, fundraising planning and execution, community project design and implementation
3) Designing and managing a variety of volunteer programs for private sector partners in Chengdu

Hands On Chengdu (HOC) was founded in 2008 by members of the Hands On Shanghai affiliate, China's first official affiliate.

Hands On Chengdu's mission is to create a balance between the needs of Chengdu's charities and social service provider and the availability of those looking to become involved in community activities.

Hands On Chengdu strives to establish and develop long term sustainable relationships with charities in Chengdu. Servicing the long term needs of our partners, we organize short-term projects that are sensitive to the schedules and interests of volunteers. Together, Hands On and its partner organizations create successful and well-staffed projects by allowing Hands on Chengdu to manage volunteers while the partner organizations manage the projects.

Project length and scope vary, but generally require two to three hours of commitment either on weekday evenings or three to four hour commitments on weekends.