New Volunteer Guide - 新手上路须知

Hands On offers a variety of projects and programs that you can participate in, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to get involved! To learn how to get started see our “New Volunteer’s Guide” and learn how to Be The Change! Volunteer!

牵手为志愿者提供了形式多样的活动,希望大家更加方便快捷地加入到志愿者的行列中来。 如何才能参与到我们的活动中来,请查阅我们的“新手上路须知”。点滴改变,从志愿开始!

项目领队及活动现场协调员招募!Program leaders and Coordinators needed!


• 协助牵手成都开发和维护相应项目合作伙伴
• 开发和丰富相应项目适宜志愿者服务
• 管理项目内志愿者活动现场领队
• 评估和监管项目志愿者活动、
• 项目反馈

红牌楼敬老院 - 周五下午14:30~16:30
浆洗街敬老院 - 周日上午 9:30 - 11:30
脑瘫儿康复中心 - 周日上午 9:30 - 11:30
妇女儿童中心医院 - 周六下午 14:30 - 16:30
抚琴北斗星 - 周六上午 9:00 to 11:30
金牛北斗星 - 周四下午 14:30 to 16:30pm
• 每月带队1~2次活动
• 设计安排活动内容
• 现场志愿者培训
• 志愿者活动现场协调
• 活动总结与反馈

Due to our recent expansion, we need more Program Leaders and Coordinators who are able to give an extra 2-3 hours a month(Program Leaders should provide at least one workday/month with HandsOn Chengdu), have a passion for helping others, and are able to help us manage with on site project coordination. If you fulfill the qualifications, please send an email with title like your name is applying for Program/Coordinator to
We have opportunities during both weekend and weekday programs, across all our projects (See below).

Current Program Leader Opportunities:
• Program about Children Care
• Program about Elderly Care
• Program about Migrants Care
• Program about Enviorment
• Program about Animals Care
Primary Responsibilities:
• Help develop and keep relationship with the partners in a proper program
• Develop volunteer activities
• Recruit and manage the coordnators of the program
• Monitor the volunteer activities
• Program report and feedback

Current Coordinator Opportunities:
• Hong Pailou Elderly Home - Fridays 14:30pm to 16:30pm
• Jiang Xi Jie Elderly Home - Sundays 9:30 am to 11:30 am
• Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Center - Sundays 9:30 am to 11:30 am
• Children and Women’s Central Hospital - Saturdays 14:30pm to 16:30pm
• Fu Qin BDX - Saturdays 9:00 am to 11:30 am
• Jin Niu BDX - Thursdays 14:30pm to 16:30pm
Primary Responsibilities:
• Coordinate Events 1-2 times on site per month
• Design activities
• Volunteer on-site briefing
• Volunteer on-site coordination
• Event report and feedback

HandsOn Chengdu is Hiring

To accomplish the mission and goals that we have set for the community, HandsOn Chengdu looks to employ and incubate those who have a passion for an issues and the ability to manage the development of long term programs. We hire the best, and we expect the best, so if you are looking for an organization to develop a career with, a career whose mission is to benefit the community, then we invite you to review our current openings and send us your CV.

Full time staff

HandsOn Chengdu is looking for someone who is passionate about making a difference to support the growth of HandsOn and our programs. Someone who is committed to developing long term platforms.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Managing current programs, program partners and volunteers
  • Identifying and creating new programs
  • Monitoring the progress of programs
  • Assisting in project execution for individual and corporate projects.


  • An understanding of the issues surrounding poverty, elderly care, and migrant workers
  • Chinese National with strong English capabilities or Foreign National with strong Chinese capabilities
  • Undergraduate Major in sociology, civil affairs, or other CSR related
  • Outgoing, hardworking, and passionate about helping others.
  • Strong computer skills (Word, Excel and Power point)
  • Previous experience volunteering with NGO
  • 2-3 years previous work experience

If you feel that you fulfill the qualifications above please send resume and cover letter to

HandsOn Chengdu Community Center Opens!

3月7日,远道而来的牵手上海负责人, Sparch 设计公司董事及其夫人和The Blackford Trust 主席在牵手成都的安排与陪同下重返崇州薤子村,与当地政府官员一同参加了心灵之花项目的落成典礼。作为对地震灾区重建工作的支持,心灵之花社区包含4座集装箱板房,分别作为图书室,医疗室,培训室和娱乐室。板房由Sparch公司设计,Agility公司运输,The Blackford Trust募集款项。落成仪式中,相关来宾与政府官员,包括村委书记,鸡冠乡乡长相继发言。大家一同表示,虽然此项目前后历时已达一年半之久,但此次落成仪式并不是一个结束,而是另一个开始。双方以后将近一步完善配套设施,充分利用好心灵之花社区。

On March 7th, accompanied by Handson Chengdu, Directors from Handson Shanghai, Sparch and the Chairman of The Blackford Trust came a long way to attend the inauguration of Community Flower Project in Xiezi Village, Chong Zhou, Si Chuan. As a support of the reconstruction work of earthquake stricken areas, the Community Flower Project has created 4 container-based houses which will be used as library, clinic, training room and entertaining room. The houses were designed by Sparch Company, transported by Agility and sponsored by The Blackford Trust. During the inauguration, the guests and village heads both made speeches and agreed that though it has been a year and half since the project started, the inauguration will be new start of further cooperation rather than an ending ceremony. Local officials with aid from HOC as well as other supporters will improve the supporting facilities in order to fully utilize the community and better the living for people who suffered from 5.12 earthquake.

Big Brother Big Sister project launched

“Brother&Sister” is a traditional project for Hands On China. In Hands On Chengdu, by matching collage students with migrant school students, we hope they can gain a true friendship from each other. Also, these small kids who are lacking of social attention and family caring can receive more sense of warm and guild from their big friends. On 14th May, 17 student volunteers from SWUFE and 8 from UESTC took part in their first activity of the “Brother and Sister” project in Hongnian Migrant Primary School. Each of 16 students from Hongnian Primary School was introduced to a volunteer. The pupils tour guided their own “big friends” around the campus and both of them got to know each other through the tour. This project will last till the end of this semester.



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