New Volunteer Guide - 新手上路须知

Hands On offers a variety of projects and programs that you can participate in, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to get involved! To learn how to get started see our “New Volunteer’s Guide” and learn how to Be The Change! Volunteer!

牵手为志愿者提供了形式多样的活动,希望大家更加方便快捷地加入到志愿者的行列中来:你可以以个人志愿者的身份在我们网站日历灵活有趣的安排中,找到自己合适的参与方式;如果你是学生领袖,想要组建自己的志愿者团队,在自己的学校提倡志愿者精神,同时提升自己的能力,可以申请加入我们的”大学生领导力培养“项目,执行我们开发的志愿者项目;如果你是企业的员工,可以跟我们联系,寻找合适你们的志愿者服务,在参与社区建设的同时,巩固你的企业文化,增强员工凝聚力。 具体情况,,请查阅我们的“新手上路须知”。点滴改变,从志愿开始!




HandsOn Chengdu is Hiring

HandsOn Chengdu is looking for someone who is passionate about making a difference to support the growth of HandsOn and our programs. Someone who is committed to developing long term platforms.

Current Open Positions include:

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Become a Project Manager!

Due to our recent expansion, we need more Program Leaders and Coordinators who are able to give an extra 2-3 hours a month(Program Leaders should provide at least one workday/month with HandsOn Chengdu), have a passion for helping others, and are able to help us manage with on site project coordination.

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